Silver: the element of change

The Silver Institute released a new video. The video covers numerous facets of one of the most widely-used and indispensable precious metals: silver. The video explores silver’s role in history and how it changed the course of countless lives in times of the Greek and Roman Empires, when it was used to prevent infection.

Very interesting video!!


Art Jewels by Suzanne Syz at Assouline

Great post!!!!


A unique universe, at the borders of dreams and reality, to discover in this beautiful book, published by Assouline.

“I started to create my own jewelry because I could never find what I wanted.” By writing these words in the preface of the book, Suzanne Syz delivers all the keys of her creative process. At the beginning of this beautiful jewelry history is therefore … frustration. For this Swiss creative expatriate in New York in the early ’80s,  jewelry were much too serious. Suzanne Syz immersed herself in the New York bustle of the time, feeding her creativity with the energy of Basquiat, Andy Warhol and Julian Schnabel.  To express her dreams, fears and desires, Suzanne Syz chooses colored stones and unconventional materials that were closer to her ideas. The result? A rich collection to the delight of a customers looking for a new freshness, like Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis…

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Antique love ;)

I have to confess! I spent all the afternoon yesterday delighting my eyes with the most amazing jewelry!!!!! 🙂
Where???? In a website called Gregorian Jewelry, you can find pieces of different prices and for sure you are going to find pieces that you are going to get crazy about!!! I guaranty you that!!!

Take a look at the ones that are driving me crazy 😉

48385_huge 48387_large

Alchemy: Blue Enamel & Pearl Ring

With a snowflake pattern this ring from the Victorian era has natural half seed pearls and a centered cushion cut diamond.

Date: Top cluster is circa 1880; shank and underside are modern.


Green Garnets & Gargoyles in an Edwardian Brooch

The gargoyle is an element of Gothic architecture. Typically used as a waterspout on the gutter of buildings, the mouth of the beastie is depicted as open to allow the passage of the water but here the gargoyle takes on the form of a watch brooch.

Date: Circa 1910.


Late Art Deco Aquamarine Diamond Earrings

Date: Circa 1935.


Glorious Georgian Diamond Cluster Ring

From the Georgian era

Date: Circa 1800.


Superlative Berlin Iron Bracelet

The  Berlin iron jewelry was initially fabricated to boost the reserves and support the war of liberation against Napoleon, Prussian citizens were asked to donate their gold, silver and precious gems. In return they received jewelry cast in iron, polished and lacquered to a matte black finish.

The piece features nine panels or links utilizing Gothic elements of architecture

Date: Early to mid 19th century.


Spectacular Victorian Shaped Diamond Cluster Ring

From the Victorian era

Date: Circa 1880.


Stunning Buccellati 3.23 ct Peridot Sapphire Ruby Ring

The Buccellati family of Italy is internationally known as a design firm renowned for its textural metal and use of unusual gems.

Date: Late 20th to early 21st century.

MMMMM this last ring mmmmm I think I’ve seen it before …… where where … and I kept thinking and suddenly it came!!!!! Rachel Zoe last collection !!!!! I couldn’t believe it !!!! it’s almost the same … take a look


I mean seriously??????? It’s just me or it’s way too similar to be a coincidence …. what do you think????

Blig bling!!!

The CFDA Swarovski Award Nominees Limited edition Objets d’art collection is here!

Using Swarovski Elements, the participants have created “objets d’art” to be sold at New York City boutique Fivestory from the 21 of May, with proceeds benefiting Free Arts NYC, a nonprofit that gives children in need educational arts and mentoring programs.

The challenge for the designers was to construct something personal out of fixed materials, but they have to be finished products. And look at the results!!!!! AMAZING!!!!

Here the nominated, beginning for the ones I prefer 😉

Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-9_163839959086.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2Swarovski Crystal New Balance sneakers by Todd Snyder, $250

Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-6_163835288844.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2Swarovski Crystal Kink BMX bicycle by Public School, $2,500


Swarovski Crystal arrows by Pamela Love, $400

Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-2_163830668389.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2Swarovski Crystal kitchen knife set by Cushnie et Ochs, $1,000


Swarovski Crystal iPad case by Irene Neuwirth, $700 (with iPad)

Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-7_163836346527.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2Swarovski Crystal cactus by SUNO, $300

Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-8_163838614177.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2Swarovski Crystal Ducati Formula-1 racing helmet by Tim Coppens, $2,000

Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-1_163829910458.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2Swarovski Crystal vintage pin-up artwork by Creatures of the Wind, $500

Need-It-Now-Swarovski-CDFA-4_163833934276.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2Swarovski Crystal vases by Jennifer Meyer, $1,750

Which ones are your favorite??????

Photoshoot: Misaki Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Collection | FashionTV

Photoshoot: Misaki Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Collection
MONTE CARLO – FashionTV gets a glimpse of the Misaki Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collection where a photoshoot is taking place. The model, showcase the jewelry and watch company’s ode to glam. The “Glam Reloaded” collection is modern but graphic with sleek lines and geometric shapes.

Ethnic inspiration


Love color and if you are one of those how can’t get enough of color like me 🙂 you’ll love this trend!!! From statement necklaces to amazing cuffs, I want them all!!!!

Don’t be afraid to use that piece of jewelry that you bring as a souvenir from your last trip or to recycle those pieces with “too much color” you already forgot about and you have in the bottom of your closet.

 Enjoy my favs!!! 




Dolce&Gabbana –




Tom Binns –




Safari necklace –




Isabel Marant –




Lulu Frost –




By  Ralph Lauren




Mario Testino –

All about earrings!!

Today I what to talk a little bit about every girl and some boys companion … earrings!!!! 🙂

And they are being our companions for long time ago … ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body modification or as I call it body decoration 😉 so we have to go back to the ancient Persia to find their origin :O

But they only become fashionable in the 1590s, in the 60s were popular between hippie and gay communities and in the 80s men started piercing both ears who can forget does days!!! J

 Here is a very graphic way to show al the types of earrings that we have now a days

Image1 = Helix – 2 = Industrial – 3 = Rook – 4 = Daith – 5 = Tragus – 6 = Snug – 7 = Conch

8 = Anti-Tragus –  9 = Lobe

 And here some of my fav earrings ….



 Bjørg Nordli-Mathisen  –




Katie Johansson –




Gemma Redux – 



The Stones –

The Rare Vivid Green Diamond Ring by Tiffany

A rare green diamond emerges from tiered white diamonds like a cool summer breeze. Ring with a fancy vivid green diamond and white diamonds in a platinum setting that’s almost invisible.

Retro yellow gold dangle earrings

Found this incredible earrings!!!!! love them!!!! want them!!!! 🙂


Style:  Retro

PERIOD : 1940
MATERIAL : 18K red gold


You can get them (If I didin’t buy them already 😉 ) at

Back to roots ….

Why Handmade?

That’s the question many people ask, and I have to admit sometimes I ask it myself too. I mean is much more easier and cheaper to buy something mass-produced, BUT wait a minute … is my incredible piece of jewelry mass-produced going to last??? I know that right now is looking pretty good BUT is it going to stay like this for the next year for example?? Mmmmmmm not sure about that!!

That’s one of the most important reasons why I always prefer to buy handmade. Also because I want my jewelry to be special, unique and different.

When I have a piece of handmade jewelry between my hands :O !!! I feel the love and all the care that the artist had to make that piece, because at the end of the day it’s always going to be more precious to have something made from an artist hands that something made by a machine.


Here are some good examples of how amazing handmade jewelry could be!!!!!! 😀