Yesterday CFDA – New York … today IJL – London

Yesterday we talked about the award winners at New York, today we are going  to talk about the IJL (International Jewellery of London) Editor’s Choice award winners!!!  

Pieces are judged and winners selected by Claire Adler, Jewellery and Luxury Journalist.

There are four categories designed to identify outstanding work: Technical Excellence, Visual Impact, Originality and Commercial Vision.

And the winners were …………

1. Technical excellence

Filipa Oliveira –


She contemporizes filigree, creating a delicate and detailed work, This oxidised brooch is made of silver, 18ct yellow gold vermeil with citrine and filigree.

2. Visual impact

Annabelle Lucilla –


The Peacock Necklace features intricately etched metallic graphics. Modernized Filigree-esque fretwork balances delicately domed etched peacocks.

3. Originality

Rachel Entwistle –


The piece comes from the Memento Mori range, literally reminders of our mortality, beginning with bones as the central element.

4. Comercial Vision

Claudia Bradby –


Claudia highlights the simple beauty of the pearl, showcased on a sparkling silver chain, simple round hoop earrings and a neat silver bangle.

Congrats to all the winners!!!


Jewels go wild!!!!

What happens when a designer decides to inspire himself in nature???? Here is what happens ….. amazing pieces of art, don’t you think?

ef66d53f02f05bc82f255eb68a57f985Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger Fish Bracelet –


Narayan Jewellers Zambian – This piece was created to raise awareness and funds funds for the conservation initiatives of  Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) for the Asian Elephant in India.


Cartier Fabuleux parrot watch and ring –


Jean Schlumberger Jellyfish clip –


Tous bers –

Jewelry in action!!!

Yes jewelry in action, these days is not only us moving non stop … maybe because of that some designers found inspiration to make what is called kinetic jewelry, meaning jewelry with movement.

And I know that sometimes a piece of jewelry with movement would turn out really bad, but not always!!!! Sometimes could be very interesting and fun to watch ☺

Here some of my favorite kinetic designs …

Ring with moveable cones


Jacqueline Ryan  – 


Simona Materi –


Michael Berger –


Claire Wood –