Silver: the element of change

The Silver Institute released a new video. The video covers numerous facets of one of the most widely-used and indispensable precious metals: silver. The video explores silver’s role in history and how it changed the course of countless lives in times of the Greek and Roman Empires, when it was used to prevent infection.

Very interesting video!!

The octopus of your dreams!! ;)

Found this beautiful cuff and wanted to share it!

Don’t you love it!!!

It’s from Jessica Kagan the octopus is made of sterling silver and diamonds and the cuff is made of rubber wood.

If you are dying to have it, you can buy it here:




Back to roots ….

Why Handmade?

That’s the question many people ask, and I have to admit sometimes I ask it myself too. I mean is much more easier and cheaper to buy something mass-produced, BUT wait a minute … is my incredible piece of jewelry mass-produced going to last??? I know that right now is looking pretty good BUT is it going to stay like this for the next year for example?? Mmmmmmm not sure about that!!

That’s one of the most important reasons why I always prefer to buy handmade. Also because I want my jewelry to be special, unique and different.

When I have a piece of handmade jewelry between my hands :O !!! I feel the love and all the care that the artist had to make that piece, because at the end of the day it’s always going to be more precious to have something made from an artist hands that something made by a machine.


Here are some good examples of how amazing handmade jewelry could be!!!!!! 😀